Buy And Hold Investing? Never!

In my previous article about buy and hold investing, I promised to give my opinion on when the buy and hold investing strategy works and when it does not work. Should one practice it at all?

Mathematically, I think it works as long as you are not leveraged. Being leveraged on your stock purchase means buying stocks on margin. That means borrowing money from your broker to buy more stocks than your money can afford. Continue reading “Buy And Hold Investing? Never!”

Thinking Of Becoming A Day Trader?

You have probably heard of Day Traders. With online access to their broker accounts, they work in the comforts of their home trading all day. They are called such because most of their positions last only a day, meaning they sell what they buy the same day. Although this is a very risky and stressful endeavor, some do make a living being Day Trader. Some even¬†make a lot of money. Continue reading “Thinking Of Becoming A Day Trader?”

Buy And Hold Investing

Sometime ago, I described to a blogger how I took long term investing to a limit- 15 years! ¬†Shortly before the Asian financial crises in 1997, I bought two stocks: DMCI Holdings (DMC) and SM Prime Holdings (SMPH). The timing was bad, because at the height of the financial crises that followed, I was down to 40% of what I invested. However, I held on and did not sell. In fact for the next 15 years, I hardly checked the value of my investment. Continue reading “Buy And Hold Investing”

Do You Want To Own A Company?

Do you constantly dream of owning a company someday, but do not have millions to spend?

Do you want to own a company that is growing and sells products that are interesting, or in demand?

Do you want to own a company but do not feel you are capable of managing the company, or do not have the time?

Do you want to buy the company cheap?

Do you want to buy a company that you can unload quickly if you decide you need the money?

Do you want to get rich owning the company? Continue reading “Do You Want To Own A Company?”