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Category: Stock Market

Should You Avoid High-Priced Stocks

How many times do I hear an investor, especially beginners, rationalize why they did not consider buying a high priced stock. Their rationale: “they are expensive”. They judge the attractiveness of a stock as an investment by...

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ETF of Philippine Stocks

As we all know, the outlook on the Philippine economy has been looking bright lately, culminating in upgrades of the Philippine sovereign debt to investment grade and the Philippine stock market remaining hot. This has created...

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The Risk of Catching a Falling Knife

Not a surprise. My posting yesterday to start nibbling and buy more when the market goes down, was met with intense skepticism by many.  One even suggested my advice is like “catching a falling knife”, referring to a...

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Buy, Hold or Sell?

In my most recent posting, I explained why in my opinion the PSE index is correcting. The real question however is, what now? It is now June 19, should one buy, hold or sell? My straight answer is hold, it might be too late to...

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Momentum Stocks

For those of you that might have taken a physics course, you probably know Newton’s Laws of Motion. The first law says “an object in motion continues in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by...

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Are You A Trader Or An Investor

Once a supposed “expert” in the Philippine stock market wrote an article describing the importance of self-discipline when investing or trading in the market. I then asked him personal examples of self-disciple and how he has...

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Buy On Rumour, Sell On Fact

On Monday, April 1, 2013 the PSE index was slightly down by 7.88 points or down .12% at 6840. This follows a huge 182 point move last Wednesday, when the Fitch upgrade to investment grade was announced. Although the April 1...

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