Why I Prefer To Invest In The Philippine Stock Market

Although I can invest in US stocks and take advantage of the extensive choices and research that is available, and the flexibility of selling short and using various derivative instruments such as the options and futures, I prefer to invest in Philippine stocks because in the past five years it has performed better. As the graph below shows, had you invested in Philippine stocks 3 months ago, you would have now earned a return of about 50%. Compare that with investing in US stocks, where you would have just broken even. Continue reading “Why I Prefer To Invest In The Philippine Stock Market”

Which Bank Stocks Should You Invest In?

Bank stocks are one of the best performers in the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) this year. The PSE Finance Index has in fact surged 35% so far, compared with 19% for the benchmark index.

This is probably not surprising considering that bad debts have dropped and accelerating economic growth has boost loan demand. The$225 billion economy grew a faster-than-estimated 5.9% in the second quarter. Furthermore, the Central Bank cut its benchmark interest rate to a record –low 3.75% in July a bullish move for bank stocks not only because it spurs loan demand but it also increases margins. Continue reading “Which Bank Stocks Should You Invest In?”

Should You Avoid High Priced Stocks?

How many times do I hear an investor, especially beginners, rationalize why they did not consider buying a high priced stock. Their rationale: “they are expensive”. They judge the attractiveness of a stock as an investment by its stock price. This is understandable because the first thing they ask and learn before even asking in what business the company operates in is “What is the price?” Continue reading “Should You Avoid High Priced Stocks?”

How To Make Your Child A Millionaire

It is every parent’s hope that their child have a great future. Among other things, perhaps be a millionaire.

Assuming you are not rich enough to hand in a million dollars to your child in your will, how can you help your child be a millionaire? Certainly one way is to help your child get a good education. Help the child marry a rich partner maybe? Buy your child a lotto ticket every month and hope he/she wins the jack pot? You probably have other ideas yourself. Continue reading “How To Make Your Child A Millionaire”