Bounce Back Stocks

Now that we have experienced a severe stock market correction to date, what now? Is it time to buy? When buying, what stocks?

One approach that some use is to buy the stocks that have corrected the most from their most recent highs.  The rationale being that those are the stocks that would have the potential to earn you the most when they bounce back to their former highs, assuming the recent movement is just that- a correction. Continue reading “Bounce Back Stocks”

Derivatives Trading in the Philippines

Amidst the volatility exhibited by the PSEi last week is an announcement that few probably took notice but for someone with 40 years of options and futures trading experience in the US, this announcement is huge! It  would have a significant impact in the trading of stocks in the Philippines.

On March 14, Thursday, the PSE and the Singapore Exchange (SGX) announced a memorandum of understanding “to cooperate in the development of Philippines-linked derivatives products.” Under the memorandum,  “PSE and SGX will explore the development and promotion of futures and options to address the demands of international investors.”

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