Investing In High Dividend Stocks

Yesterday, I met with a best friend who told me that now he has decided to learn more about the stock market and to invest in stocks that he is retired. One of the strategies he decided to pursue is to invest in high dividend yield stocks. I told him that was not a good idea, and continued to explain why.

After giving my advice, it occurred to me that perhaps the help that I gave my best friend might be help that I might give others as well; hence I decided to get back to writing a blog, after almost three years of absence. Continue reading “Investing In High Dividend Stocks”

Start Nibbling, Buy More If The Market Goes Down

On June 19th, I suggested, hold do not buy yet. Since then the market went down further by more than 500 points. Based on the action yesterday, however, where the PSE index walloped 211 points or 3.41%, my suggestion now is,  start buying. Fire off some of your ammunition, but not all at once. Although I do not believe the market will go much lower, it is possible it might indeed go lower. Continue reading “Start Nibbling, Buy More If The Market Goes Down”

Bounce Back Stocks

Now that we have experienced a severe stock market correction to date, what now? Is it time to buy? When buying, what stocks?

One approach that some use is to buy the stocks that have corrected the most from their most recent highs.  The rationale being that those are the stocks that would have the potential to earn you the most when they bounce back to their former highs, assuming the recent movement is just that- a correction. Continue reading “Bounce Back Stocks”

Momentum Stocks

For those of you that might have taken a physics course, you probably know Newton’s Laws of Motion. The first law says “an object in motion continues in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force”.

Stock traders apply this principle by buying only stocks that are on an uptrend. The rationale is that they are likely to continue trading in that direction unless an outside news, event or a revelation that the stock price is overvalued causes it to stop doing so. Continue reading “Momentum Stocks”