Investing In High Dividend Stocks

Yesterday, I met with a best friend who told me that now he has decided to learn more about the stock market and to invest in stocks that he is retired. One of the strategies he decided to pursue is to invest in high dividend yield stocks. I told him that was not a good idea, and continued to explain why.

After giving my advice, it occurred to me that perhaps the help that I gave my best friend might be help that I might give others as well; hence I decided to get back to writing a blog, after almost three years of absence. Continue reading “Investing In High Dividend Stocks”

Should You Avoid High-Priced Stocks

How many times do I hear an investor, especially beginners, rationalize why they did not consider buying a high priced stock. Their rationale: “they are expensive”. They judge the attractiveness of a stock as an investment by its stock price. This is understandable because the first thing they ask and learn before even asking in what business the company operates in is “What is the price?” Continue reading “Should You Avoid High-Priced Stocks”

ETF of Philippine Stocks

As we all know, the outlook on the Philippine economy has been looking bright lately, culminating in upgrades of the Philippine sovereign debt to investment grade and the Philippine stock market remaining hot. This has created interest among Filipinos now residing outside the Philippines to investment in the Philippine stock market. However, most are turned off by having to go through the effort of opening a Philippine broker account and depositing money and trading in pesos. For Filipinos in the United States, fret not. There is an ETF that you can invest in and in the process participate in any up moves in Philippine stocks, the iShares MSCI Philippines ETF (symbol: EPHE). Continue reading “ETF of Philippine Stocks”

Exchange Traded Funds, Now In The Philippines

Indeed Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are finally here. Several weeks ago, the SEC announced the approval of market making provisions of the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) rules on ETFs, making possible the start of ETF trading by September 2013. This is a significant development in quite awhile, because it will now allow investors in the Philippines to also benefit from the same experience that US investors have had for 20 years now. ETFs in the US have grown in popularity and have gathered assets at a rapid pace. Continue reading “Exchange Traded Funds, Now In The Philippines”